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  • Manufacture of fire fighting equipment and services in the field of casting and forging non-ferrous metals

JMW Fire d.o.o. is engaged in manufacturing of fire fighting equipment and services in the field of casting and forging. The purpose of the company's long-term supply our customers with adequate quality fire fighting fittings, with inovative shapes and looks to fulfill all customer needs.

Thanks to our experience in manufacturing valves and fittings for fire extinguishing equipment spanning over 60 years, the company JMW Fire d.o.o. has become a modern manufacturing enterprise capable of meeting the challenges of our time.

Our products meet the needs of the most demanding customers from all over Europe. Our products are installed in industrial and residential facilities, in storage facilities for inflammable substances, in airports and marinas, on watercraft as well as in mining facilities. They are used in the prevention of smouldering fires and are an indispensable tool of all fire fighting units in Slovenia, EU and former Yugoslavian countries.

Our standard range of products includes fittings fitted with Storz joints manufactured in compliance with DIN, or fittings fitted with joints manufactured in compliance with the Italian UNI and Russian Gost standards. Innovations, consistency of workmanship and attention to the customers’ requirements have established a broad acceptance of our clients.

We thank our customers and partner for the confidence in our products and wish an effective and succesful application.


For our extensive product range please download the product catalog in PDF format.


Equipment for fire fighting

- Couplings for Fire Fighting
- handpiece
- Suction baskets
- Manifolds and collectors
- Hydrant attachments
- Mixers foam branch pipes of hard foam, fire cannons
- Other fittings


- Joints for industry
- Hydrant attachments


- Casting non ferrous metal
- Forging non ferrous metal
- Treatment of castings and forgings
- Design and manufacture of tools for casting and forging
- Repair of fire fighting fittings (hydrants, water cannons and the like)


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Technical support

+386 (0)7 346 66 88

+386 (0)7 30 47114


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